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The Malvern is delighted to be able to announce the launch of Jessica's new GELeration Soak-off Gel Polish, a unique gel in a bottle that is applied like a polish with the durable strength of a gel and typically lasts 3 weeks or more.

Work hard, play harder, be gorgeous.

Today, Superwoman isn't the exception, she's the rule. From cupcakes to cocktails, laptops to lap pools, GELeration by Jessica matches her super demanding lifestyle with supernatural nails.

Is it a Polish? Is it a Gel? Paints like polish, but performs like gel, GELeration Soak-Off Gel Polish is the new generation in soak-off systems. One professional application takes nails from day to night, to day to night, for up to four weeks. No chips, no touch ups, no fading. Just long lasting protection, perfection and the promise of everlasting, beautiful natural nails.

And true to Jessica's founding philosophy, GELeration has been developed with the long term health of the natural nail in mind, so the process is kind to nails. Even weak, broken or bitten nails are given a new lease of life - perfect as an ongoing manicure solution, or to provide temporary support to help problem nails grow.

The power of supernatural nails:

Super Fast – Gel layers cure in 10 - 30 seconds under the GELeration lamp.

Super Easy – Presented in a polish bottle with its own brush, GELeration's self levelling formula applies like a polish. If you can paint nails, you can perform a GELeration treatment.

Super Friendly – no trauma to the natural nail during correct application or removal.

Super Shiny – Manicures and pedicures keep their high shine finish until the gel is removed.

Super Fast Exit – standard overlays remove in 10 minutes or less, while sculpted nails take less than 20 minutes.

Super Versatile –you can use any of Jessica's over 200 colours with the Start and Finish gel base and top coats. And GELeration manicure and pedicure routines use existing Jessica products and techniques to deliver the luxury your customers expect from a Jessica treatment.


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