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Advanced Electrolysis Treatments

Skin Tag Removal (also milia/whiteheads, warts, veruccas, red-veins, etc.)

The Malvern now offers a highly-specialised but quick and easy treatment for the removal of skin tags (and other similar cosmetic blemishes such as milia/whiteheads, warts, veruccas, red-veins, etc.).  Alternative treatments usually involve either private hospital treatment and/or specialist clinics in Harley Street - with commensurate prices.

Skin tags are treated using a specialised electrolysis probe to remove and cauterise the tag and can usually be removed in one treatment following a consultation.  Removal is normally permanent and multiple skin tags can be treated in a single appointment.

Once healed, the skin usually returns to normal with no scarring, blemishes, or evidence that a skin tag was once there.

Please contact The Malvern for further details.

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